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If you are interested on publishing in your country
the Unesco saga for young adults
'The World of Mauro & Lisi', please contact us.

Gianluca Ferrari
Editorial director of 'The World of Mauro & Lisi' in Italy

Please enter the world and read the first chapters of 'The Mystery of Luxembourg' in English.

About 'The World of Mauro & Lisi'
'The World of Mauro & Lisi'
is an amazing, enigmatic and sparkling serie for young adults involved in the World Heritage, that sold in Italy thousands of copies thanks to the passing the word.

Ten novels, three collection short stories and a christmas novel are already avialable:

- A New Year's Eve to remember
- The mystery of Luxembourg
- The tresaure of Skara Brae
- The fossils of Messel
- The lilla of Padua
- The secrets of Tallinn

- Waiting for the Giant - The prequels
- God save the Giant

- Going to Rome - The Prequels
- The conspiracy of Rome
- The ancient Stones of Dalriada and other stories
- Kori's lost memories
- Valdur's secret book
- Attack on Paris

A spin-off of the saga, A prince for Agla, will be released in the near future.

The author of the serie is the Italian writer and journalist Diletta Nicastro, born in Rome on November 3rd 1975. Some magazines defined her the Italian Rowling.
She is the keeper of the Italian word MOZZAFIATO (breathtaking) for her stories full of suspense.
The saga won 2 literary awards in Italy, was translated in braille and one of the novels was chosen by one school in San Diego, California.

The readers of the saga are named by the media 'M&L-Maniacs'.

UNESCO Italia appreciated the serie with enthusiasm and Doc. Mario Vecchione, Officer for the Word Heritage in Italy, wrote the introduction of the serie in 2007.

The main caracthers:
Mauro Cavalieri, a young Unesco Inspector ready to solve every mistery involving Unesco's sites (every story is focussed in a different site);
Lisi Cavalieri, Mauro's younger sister, ready to follow him to help him in his duties (and risking her life very often);
Kieran Moynihan, Mauro and Lisi Irish friend. He knows all the legends of the world and is able on doing almost everything.

The adventures are full of misteries, intrigues, secrets and love.
The sites involved in the plots are described all-accomplished, because Diletta Nicastro visited each site before starting writing her stories, and studied documents and books, reporting the history and the mystery of the sites.
Each novel is written in a witty and cute style, with young slang and nice International caracthers.



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